Wolf Valley Charity Fund

Vale do Lobo, Algarve, Portugal


Seruca Emídio - Diogo Gaspar Ferreira - Sir Cliff Richard, OBE

General Assembly

President: Peter Geer

Secretary: Marion Geer

Exec Committee

Chairman: Paulo Chaves

Treasurer: Graham Miller

Publicity: John Perera


Debbie Collens

Emma Dellicompagni

Angie Dickinson

Fiscal Committee

President: Edda Lungershausen


Wendy Bent

Trish Raihani

Helping those in need


Wolf Valley Charity Fund, Apartado 523, Vale do Lobo, 8135-034 Almancil, Portugal

Telephone: +351 911 019 984     Fiscal n°:505552876        Privacy Policy  Links  Sitemap

General Queries - Email: help@wolfvalleycharity.com     Golf Queries - Email: golf@wolfvalleycharity.com

Privacy Policy

This Charity, and the members’ of the Committee will not divulge any information whatsoever, concerning any person or corporate entity relating to any of the Charity‘s affairs, to any third party.

If a person, or a corporate entity, wishes to publicise a particular donation then we will help if we are so requested.