Press Reports - 2013

Saturday 1st June 2013

Wolf Valley Charity’s Golf & Family Day


Royal Golf Course

1st place - 46 points - Alan Gill & Pat Straw

2nd place - 45 points - Douglas Lynn & Leeza Lynn

3rd place - 44 points - Peter Dellicompagni & Andrew Franklin

Nearest the pin -

9th hole - Men - Robert Wood

9th hole - Ladies - Claudia Habermehl

Ocean Golf Course

1st place - 45 points - John Farrell & Sian Stonehill

2nd place - 44 points - Amy Bray & Anneke Volkers

3rd place - 43 points - Roger Murray & Julia Delahunty-Moore

Nearest the pin -

5th hole - Men - James Barlow

13th hole - Ladies - Felicity Parkhouse

Golf simulator

Nearest the pin - 4m away

Mark Durden-Smith

Blacktower Financial Management

Guess the weight of the hamper

Won by Graham Lee - guessing 97 gms short of the actual weight 10.697 kgs.

Champagne Bottle and Guess the Weight of the


Both won by John Perera


Ticket 05234 - Mr Etherington - Voucher for Casa da Quinta

Ticket 02002 - Mrs Anne Deakin - Voucher for Alambique

Ticket 05029 - Mr Douglas Lynn - Voucher for Dos Passos

Ticket 04169 - Mr Michael Murphy - Conrad Algarve - 2 nights including breakfast and dinner for two in the Gusto restaurant

Ticket 05274 - Pat Evans - Dom Pedro Hotels Portugal - weekend for 2 including breakfast

Ticket 01690 - Davidson - Dona Filipa - 2 nights stay in twin room including breakfast

Silent Auction Bids

Dolphin Experience - Susana Afonos - €60

Royal Oak Hotel (Wales) - Brian Gosnell - €350

Statue - Dr Habermehl - €500

Dom Pedro Baia Club Hotel, Madeira including flights - Richard Stead - €460

Parrilla Naturai & Casa do Campo restaurants - William Offen - €240

Gourmet Natural & Izzy’s Beach restaurants - Edda Lungershausen - €220

Painting (2 faces) - Margaret Rumgay - €150

Thank you

Thank you to Vale do Lobo for kindly giving the two courses, to all the Vale do Lobo staff for the organisation of the day, to all the businesses, restaurants, hotels, other golf clubs and many more.

To  Lacocar and Blacktower Financial Management for their sponsorship of the Hole-in-one prizes on each of the courses.

To all those who helped by giving up their time on the day and to the golfers without who we could not have the event.

The Wolf Valley Charity Fund Committee would like to thank you all and we hope you will join us again next year.


The Wolf Valley Charity Fund (WVCF) presented a television and a music system to the Instituição Solidariedade Social da Serra do Caldeirão (ISSSC) on August 26th, 2013.  The ISSSC was founded in July 2003 and is located at Barranco do Velho, near Salir.  Its founder and president, Augusto Guerreiro Ce'sar, wanted to create an area for aged and partially disabled people to enjoy nature and companionship. He has a disabled child of his own and worked for many years for a charity in Portimao.

The ISSSC is built on its own land of 11 hectares which consists of picturesque small hills, forest including cork trees (some newly planted), hiking paths, picnic areas and a windmill. These are open to the public. The property includes a modern building with kitchen and dining facilities, a large function room, laundry, physiotherapy room and a meeting cum relaxation room which contains the new TV.    

The ISSSC can accommodate around 50 persons during the day.  It supplies “meals-on-wheels” with its own vans which collectively drive around 400km each day delivering hot food to old people in the local area.  It also provides a laundry service to these people.

Paulo Chaves, president of the WVCF, told the ISSSC’s president, committee and the people present that the WVCF was very pleased to hand over the TV and music system as it will mean a lot to those people who spend much of their day at the ISSSC.  

Sr. Ce'sar, in response, thanked the WVCF and all its supporters for the kind gift which will provide much needed entertainment to the people who spend their time at the ISSSC.  He mentioned that on the previous day, Sra Maria Alves da Silva, the wife of HE Aníbal Cavaco Silva, president of Portugal, had visited the ISSSC.

WVCF Committee members Graham Miller and John Perera accompanied Paulo Chaves.

The Wolf Valley Charity Fund (WVCF) was founded in 1999 by a group of Vale do Lobo residents with the aim of supporting local Portuguese charities and people in need, including the disabled, the underprivileged and socially deprived.  Since then the WVCF has raised over €840,000 through charity days, other fund raising activities and donations. The next Charity Day at Vale do Lobo will be on Saturday May 31st, 2014.  The WVCF appreciates all donations.  For more information about the charity please visit


The Sociedade São Vicente de Paulo Conferençia de Almancil was established in 1995 by a group of concerned ladies.  The St Vincent de Paul Society is an international Christian voluntary organization dedicated to tackling poverty and to helping those in need.  The Society was founded in Paris in 1833 and today operates in 148 countries and has over 700,000 members who work through “conferences”.  A conference may be based out of a church, community center, school, hospital etc. and is composed of Catholic (and some non-Catholic) volunteers who dedicate their time and resources to help those in need within their communities.

The Conference in Almancil operates out of a room on the premises of the historic church of São Lourenço.  This church originated in 1684 and is famous for its interior which is totally decorated in 17th. Century azulejo (blue) tiles with scenes from the life of St. Lawrence.  St. Vincent de Paul (1581-1660) was born in Gascony.  He was canonized in 1737.

The Almancil Conference is led by Irene Guerreiro and Lidia Maria Mendes and consists of 13 more volunteers.

These ladies distribute food and some medicines to around 60 needy families (with 35 children) within Almancil and surrounding areas. These families are mainly Portuguese but do include some immigrants both legal and illegal.  The ladies of the Almancil Conference use their own cars and at their own expense.  Many of the areas visited can be quite hazardous due to wild dogs, poor roads and lack of security.  Recently Paulo Chaves, President of the Wolf Valley Charity, and committee members Edda Lungershausen and John Perera visited the Almancil Conference in São Lourenço. The Wolf Valley Charity and Banco Alimentar (Food Bank) are among the main supporters of the Conference.      


The Wolf Valley Charity Fund was established in 1999 by a group of Vale do Lobo residents.  These residents wanted to provide support for those charities in nearby communities who were helping people far less fortunate.  Since its inception the WVCF has raised over €830,000 and funds have been used to help local charities go about providing help to those people with disabilities be they of a mental or physical nature.  Funding has been provided to obtain mini-buses for transportation of people (and food) by charities such as UNIR and EXISTIR.  Equipment provided to various charities include those for kitchens, industrial washing machines, furniture, physiotherapy and exercise items, children’s trampolines and also money to provide food and medicines.  The WVCF delivered a fork lift truck and conveyor belt last year to Banco Alimentar to help their warehouse operations.

Much of WVCFs’ funds are raised on the highly successful annual Charity Day. The Vale do Lobo Group of companies very generously donates both the Royal and Ocean Golf courses to the Charity for this important day.  The next WVCF Charity Day is on Saturday May 31st., 2014.  For more information please visit


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