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Vale do Lobo, Algarve, Portugal


Wolf Valley Charity Fund, Apartado 523, Vale do Lobo, 8135-034 Almancil, Portugal

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Seruca Emídio - Diogo Gaspar Ferreira - Sir Cliff Richard, OBE

General Assembly

President: Peter Geer

Secretary: Marion Geer

Exec Committee

Chairman: Paulo Chaves

Treasurer: Graham Miller

Publicity: John Perera


Debbie Collens

Emma Dellicompagni

Angie Dickinson

Fiscal Committee

President: Edda Lungershausen


Wendy Bent

Trish Raihani

Helping those in need

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 Another year for Wolf Valley Charity Fund

The Greatly respected association founded by Vale do Lobo residents in 1999 – bringing with it the popular Charity Day, which takes place on Saturday, 30th May, and an occasion which I am very proud to support on behalf of the Almancil community.

The work that has been achieved by this inspiring group of individuals is tremendous and without the continuous support, dedication and financing given by the Wolf Valley Charity Fund over the past ten years, I feel that the circumstances of many within our local community would very different. The provision of vital equipment, facilities and training to a number of needy families, institutions and care centres has only been possible with this generosity, which I applaud and thank with respect and sincerity. God bless the Wolf Valley Charity Fund!

João Martins

President of the Parish of Almancil



Casa da Primeira Infância


Jardim-de-Infância de São João da Venda

Lar da Sagrada Familia

Santa Casa da Misericórdia

Associação Esperançae Paz


Following the disastrous fires in 2003 and 2004 the Charity donated almost €60,000 to Loulé and Monchique to help rebuild damaged houses.

The Charity has provided everything ranging from specially adapted vehicles, playground equipment, physiotherapy equipment, computers, hoists for bathrooms and articulated beds for the aged and infirm, special wheelchairs, commercial washing machines, kitchen equipment and many other items.

Charities that have been helped in the past by the Wolf Valley Charity Fund include:

Message from the President of Almancil Parish